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Jak założyć własny biznes bez kłopotów?

Wielu z nas marzy o posiadaniu własnego sklepu, firmy usługowej czy produkcyjnej. Niestety mało, kto podejmuje się tego wyzwania z wielu powodów. Wśród nich możemy znaleźć niechęć do ogromnej papierkowości oraz długa droga do uzyskania wszystkich pozwoleń na prowadzenie własnej działalności gospodarczej.

Dla młodych ludzi, którzy jeszcze nie dorobili się swoich oszczędności problemem są koszty finansowe, które przy otwieraniu firmy każdy z nas musi ponieść. Jednak pieniądze możemy uzyskać, w przypadku, gdy nie mamy zasób własnych, z dofinansowań i projektów, na przykład unijnych czy powiatowych. Dlatego nie warto się zamartwiać! Jednak, kiedy spotkamy się z niepowodzeniem warto sięgnąć po chwilówki, jeśli wiemy, że szybko odniesiemy sukces! Źródło finansowe bez większych zobowiązań i bez zagrożenia trafienia na listę polskich dłużników. W szczególności młodzi ludzie sięgają po tego typu kredyty, gdyż uzyskanie ich jest bardzo proste i nie spotkamy się z żadnymi komplikacjami, które często napotkamy w państwowych bankach.

Bussiness comunity

This site was created due to my belief that computer solutions for the finance professional has largely been ignored by the business community. All of the content is geared towards solving problems the finance professional comes in contact with on a daily basis. This is not a programming web site yet it does contain a lot of code samples that I have come up with or picked up along the way.

My belief is that it is important for the finance professional to know at least one computer language. The language I use most is Visual Basic. Visual Basic is the most popular programming language in the world. It is a Microsoft language which is sold as a stand alone developer chwilówka product and it is also embeded in all of Microsoft products including, Microsoft Excel, Access, Outlook, Powerpoint to name a few. It can also be used to build dynamic web pages. I highly recommend learning this language.

The ultimate goal of this site is to help the finance professional re-think the entire financial process from entering transactions all the way through to the financial statements. To do this the financial professional needs to take a step back and look at the entire process.

Most companies utilize an accounting system for record keeping. This can be a simple application such as Quickbooks for the small business, Solomon for the midsize company, and PeopleSoft for the large company. What all of these systems have in common is that there is always something these systems can’t do very well, especially in the area of financial reporting. To some extent you can customize or buy add-ins to get the desired functionality. But, rarely do companies have the budget, the time, or the energy to do this. This is where the finance professional needs to take control of the issue and develop a customized solution.

What often happens is that instead of writing code, developing a database, accessing the data that exists on the database server, publishing data to the Web, etc, the professional manually inputs the data into Excel or Word, then revises the documents over and over. After a few iterations the LAN gets full of files that nobody can keep track of, and data integrity dimishes over time.


Commercial Checking is an ideal checking account for growing businesses with high volume transactions and a need for cash management.
$500 minimum opening requirement
$10 monthly service fee plus per item charges (Earnings Credit is applied to the average collected balance to offset monthly service fees)
Free check imaging with monthly statement
Free, 24-hour Telebank service in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese
Small Business Checking is an ideal account for small to medium-size businesses with limited transactions looking for a simple and economical checking option.
$100 minimum opening requirement
$12.50 monthly service fee waived with daily ledger balance over $2,500

Up to 175 transactions (withdrawals, deposits, and deposited items) per month ($.30 per item charge in excess of 175 checking items)
Free check imaging with monthly statement
Free, 24-hour Telebank service in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese
Commercial NOW Account is an interest-bearing checking account for sole proprietors or a non-profit organizations with checking needs.
$1,000 minimum opening requirement
$10.50 monthly service fee is waived with a daily balance of $1,000 or a daily average collected balance of $3,000 (per item charges apply)
Competitive interest rate compounded and paid monthly (no interest paid if average collected balance falls below $1,000)
Free check imaging with monthly statement
Free, 24-hour Telebank service in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese

Financial park

Welcome , your source for the latest financial information. This is the first site of its kind on the internet, bringing you news, analysis and evaluation tools to assist you in managing your investments. We aim to create the first online community catering to discussions about the Pakistani financial sector.

We are happy you came by our site; we encourage you to become a part of this exciting community by creating your own portfolio online, using which you can chart stock trends, and obtain the latest news stories about corporations of interest. Our discussion areas provide you with an open forum where you can discuss individual companies, or overarching financial trends. The online chat service, MoneyLine, provides you real-time access to other members of the financial community, allowing you to cultivate contacts and build partnerships effectively.

And while you’re at it, how about setting up your own office in cyberspace? You don’t need to know any of that nasty technical stuff; our office builder wizard helps you through the entire process, putting your organization online in 15 minutes flat!

Ofcourse, no financial site is complete without the most current data about stocks, and companies; so we have that for you too. Among other things, we also bring you the first stock search engine and financial analysis tools for companies traded publicly in Pakistan! Be better informed than you ever were before; do sophisticated trend analyses to decide which stocks are right for you.

We hope you enjoy being part of our young, but fast-growing, community. We trust you will find this site to be of considerable value to you and your business.


Retail Division

The retail lending department offers a wide variety of mortgage products;loans. Firstrust employs cutting-edge technology to give it’s customers timely decisions with substantially less paperwork. Through automated underwriting and a network of licensed appraisers, title companies and real estate professionals, Firstrust ensures a smooth and timely mortgage process. In addition, streamlined processing enables Firstrust to offer extremely competitive rates day in and day out.

Wholesale Department: Firstrust’s Wholesale division purchases loans from mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers, banks, insurance agents and financial planners. The loans are processed and sent to Firstrust for underwriting. Firstrust underwrites the loan and table funds the loan and,


upon request, will prepare the closing documents.

Lending Department:  is the best in the business. We handle all types of loans for borrowers with less than perfect credit. Bankruptcy’s, foreclosures, bank turn-downs and messy credit loans are our specialty. In addition, we buy B/C loans from other sources as well. Our B/C division is made up of both “wholesale” and “retail” lending.


Welcome to Finance Money

We provide financing for Real Estate and Business Loans. Concentrating on the local U.S. Market and the International Market. For your Real Estate Loans we have a working relationship with Local Lenders and Lenders outside the state of Florida allowing us to obtain wholesale rates. For business loans that do not involve Real Estate we have associates and affiliates that will fund from $1,000,000 to $100,000,000.

Finance Money through its sources will provide financial assistance for companies already existing in and seeking to expand their products and services in South America, Central America, Mexico, Europe, and many more international areas. These business loans and services range from Asset Based Lending, Mergers and Acquisitions and Bankruptcy, Medical Funding, Bank participation-Bridge loans and Venture Capital and many many more.


Write 1 to 2 page summary (summation, condensation) of your business plan’s key points in such a way as to capture the reader’s attention and leave him with the impression that this business plan makers sense.

Show by your thoughts on paper that you have a complete understanding of your business idea.  A summary is written after the business plan is completed, but is read at the beginning of the funding process as a synopsized road  map of what the venture capitalist will find in-depth in the business plan.